Revival Pods




Take control or your communities rebuilding needs both short and long term. Solid reinforced concrete monolithic structures are fire rated to 120 minutes and are capable of withstanding some of the harshest environmental conditions on the planet including Australia’s destructive fires, floods and cyclonic storms. They are fully demountable and transportable and can be re used and repurposed after the the recovery period has transpired.



The rebuilding process takes time but the communities needs are immediate and ongoing. Aussie Made Revival Pods provide an instant solution for communities that have lost much of their basic small build infrastructure, toilet blocks, sports and change-rooms, equipment sheds etc. From a basic Rival Pod shell to a fully fit out, ready to connect toilet block facility Revival Pods provide instant breathing space relief while communities are undergoing the rebuilding process.

Revival Pods are capable of withstanding some of the harshest environmental conditions on the planet and will withstand Australia's destructive fires, floods and cyclonic storms. They are fully demountable and transportable and can be re-used and repurposed after the recovery period has transpired.



We can’t keep building the same old fashioned ways and expect a different result when disasters strike. 


3 dimensional Revival Pod technology provides a bullet proof system that is both solid and resistant to fires and storms but enables highly flexible design and building outcomes. They can be stacked up to 5 stories high and assembled as a multi pod construction to achieve a specific build outcome. Pods can be dressed up like any traditional build structures with pitched roofs, cladding or render etc yet unlike traditional structures can be quickly dismantled, moved and and re purposed. 


For disaster relief situations Pods offer a quick and easy red tape friendly solution for those need-it-now demands. They don’t need a roof from day one and offer a completely dry shelter that is flexible and easy to adapt. Later once the disaster redress stage is over they can be easily be spruced up to any level or shifted for another purpose, offering a flexible safer and future proofed disaster building alternative.


Or alternatively they can be delivered on site fully fit out with all amenities.




From a single pod to large scale projects, there are virtually unlimited configuration options to suit your individual needs and requirements.




Fast track your community building project using our state of the art, three dimensional monolithic, “Pod” construction system. Massive concrete formed building Pods, enable projects to be completed in a fraction of the time.


Superior in strength, acoustic and thermal efficiencies the system is ideal for multi level or repetitive type community projects where durability, flexibility of design, speed of construction, environmental, OH&S issues and costs are imperative.

Our projects include toilet block amenities, sporting facilities, retirement and nursing homes, multi level accommodation facilities, remote location housing, government social housing, caravan parks and more.

The benefits of the system are that there is minimal disruption to the construction location other than some initial site preparation. Revival Pods are produced off site with all electrical and plumbing consuits inlaid. Pre-installed doors, windows, surfaces and painting can also be accomodated. The self supporting, structural Pods are then simply delivered and craned onto site (up to 7 stories self supporting). 

The speed of construction is up to significantly faster than traditional building methods. A small to medium project can be installed in just one day!


Environmentally the system ticks all the right boxes. Some of our private projects have easily achieved energy ratings in excess of 8.5 stars.

Structures built from this extremely strong and robust system not only resist flood, storm, and termites but benefit from a minimum 120 hour fire rating. The structures have a 50 year guarantee, are fully recyclable and fully relocatable. 




Single Concrete Pod with door and window opening, concrete floor and plumbing and electrical conduits. Perfect for DIY specialists. 7 days delivery.

Priced from $14,350

Equipment Bunker

120minutes Fire Rated Equipment Bunker / Chemical Storage with concrete floor, roller door and electrical conduits. 7 to 14 days until delivery.

Priced from $16,800

Equipment Shelter.png

Single Pod Relocatable Cabin - available in a range of styles.

4 to 6 week delivery.

Priced from $42,180 


Single Pod Fully Fitout Toilet Block available in a range of styles.

6-8 week delivery.

Priced from $48,250

Portable Classrooms

Transportable Teaching Spaces and Sports Facilities. 

2 to 4 weeks delivery.

Priced from $64,220 (based on two Revival Pods being included)

Complete Modular Homes

Complete range of homes to suit each budget and location.

Contact us today to discuss the options.

Priced from $173,840 



Livin Modular is an Australian modular precast concrete manufacturer specialising in providing robust, innovative and sustainable building solutions to the construction industry. Livin Modular delivers the world’s most advanced 3 dimensional monolithic precast concrete building system offering substantial benefits and savings over traditional and slab construction methods.

The patented 3D monolithic Pod system is extremely responsive to architectural designs, highly efficient for repetitious projects and can be adapted to any situation from urban cities to more remote, isolated locations. When combined with other energy efficient products and good design it provides an integrated sustainable approach to construction.


The Livin Modular construction system provides  many intrinsic benefits that traditional building methods cannot provide without significant cost. Examples include;

Acoustics – Superior acoustic performance between adjacent rooms with 90mm concrete

Durability/Resilience – Constructed from 40MPA, highly compacted, reinforced concrete, a Livin Modular building comprises individual, structurally independent rooms able to withstand the extremes of fire, high winds, hail, termites.

Fire Rating – The concrete structureis fire rated to 120minutes, however a structure comprised of multiple Pods with two 90mm walls together will dramatically increase the fire rating and act to contain fire within modules should a fire occur.

Temperature Control – The extremely high thermal mass from the walls and ceiling, combined with the externally fitted foam insulation creates a highly efficient building space which minimizes the need for heating and cooling by dampening temperature fluctuations and therefore reducing running costs.

Structural Strength – The module combines the benefits of transportability with the rigidity and robustness of concrete construction – the structure has a look and feel of something much more substantial than a lightweight transportable building

Maintenance – The almost total replacement of internal plasterboard with concrete walls of identical finish creates a structure that is highly resistant to damage and general wear and tear, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Cost Effectiveness – The total cost of building in this type of construction has proved to be superior over a number of projects, however when the overall speed of construction and total asset life costs are assessed, the overall cost effectiveness is far superior

Green Credentials – The concrete used in the modules can be specified to include a minimum of 20% (of total cementitious content) fly ash as a cement replacement. This has the dual advantage of firstly reducing the cement content and thereby reducing the embodied energy in the product, but also increases the long term strength and enhances the durability of the concrete. In addition, at the end of the design life, the modules can be crushed into road base and the steel recovered to be recycled.








































In 2019 Livin Modular won the Urban Developer award for Excellence in Construction Innovation.


The Urban Developer’s Awards for Industry Excellence recognises the best of urban development from across Australia and New Zealand. In total, there are 24 awards across two streams: Industry Excellence Awards and Development of the Year Awards.


The Renaissance Townhouse project, collaborated on by Livin Modular and Riddle Design Group, won the Excellence in Construction Innovation Award for 2019 ahead of the other finalists; Probuild, Mirvac, Hutchinson Builders and Conqa. The award recognized innovative products, materials, systems or technologies within the building and / or construction sector.



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